Ruby : Accessing Hash keys as String or Symbol

You might have notices or not but if you define a Hash instace with keys in ‘String’ then you cannot access then via :symbol and vice-versa

To be more clear see the following code snippet

 c = {"first"=> 12, "second"=>13}
 => {"first"=>12, "second"=>13} 
 => nil 
 => 12


Now how to access hash data regardless of data-type of key?

There are a few techniques but the One that is far simple and recommended and defaultly used by Rails is ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess

rgb =
rgb[:black] = '#000000'
rgb[:black] # => '#000000'
rgb['black'] # => '#000000'
rgb['white'] = '#FFFFFF'
rgb[:white] # => '#FFFFFF'
rgb['white'] # => '#FFFFFF'





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