How a developer can be more productive

As a developer for more than 5 years… wait no bullshits.. coming to the point

  • You need to type code a lot faster (think before you type)
    • You need a great IDE (Text Editor)
    • Learn the KeyBoard shortcuts to everything
    • Add plugins you are gonna need
    • If altering code snippet is difficult then its the hightime you move on to new IDE ( My favorite is RubyMine.)
  • Git is the version control system I recommend
    • Lots of great features
  • Terminals like Guake Terminal can make you job easier
  • Make processes companyWide or TeamWide for better results
  • Keep getting/asking continuous feedback from peers and Seniors
  • CodeReviews are what that make sure you get smarter everyday
  • As a developer you need to have good understanding of your Project
    • Business Aspect of it as well
    • If you are working on Hospital management system then study about the internal processes, management frameworks, Patient discharging/admission policies and all




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