Rails : Bundler : Gems in development,test group not installed

My friend got stuck in some weird problem yesterday.

Bundler version: 1.7.7
Using slim-rails 3.0.1
Using zeroclipboard-rails 0.1.1
Using formtastic-bootstrap 3.1.1
Using query_report 1.2.1
Using rails 4.2.0
Using sass-rails 5.0.6
Using devise 3.4.1
Using wicked_pdf 0.11.0
Your bundle is complete!
Gems in the groups development and test were not installed.
Use `bundle show [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed.


Some day he might have using this command

$ bundle install --without development 

bundler remembers this command and does same with future commands as well

$ bundle install # remembers and includes --without development



This command will force bundler to forget the cached-switch

$ bundle install --without somerandomstring



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