Nano editor Comment/Uncomment in GNU Nano editor using Alt+3 shortcut

GNU Nano editor adjust comment literal for PHP / C / C++

If you are a UNIX lover and fan of Nano text editor then while writing C / C++ code, you would like to put comments using Short-Cut key i.e. Alt+3. But the problem is, Nano puts the char # as comment literal instead of //. This happened because the default literal is # unless it is defined in configurations.

How to fix?

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HTML, CSS : Beautiful radio and checkboxes


There are two ways you can put label on radios

  • Put for="id_of_your_radio" in the label tag
  • Put the radio inside of lable tag; no need of for attribute. It will be implicit
    • <label>
       <input id="sex-other" type="radio" name="sex" value="others" /> Other
    • This technique is more cleaner, intuitive and maintainable from my perspective.

Our Target:

The basic idea is: we want to modify the label according to our design demands. But the later technique explained above has label as parent to input tag; CSS has limitation; we cannot select parent on the basis of child. In our case child (input) changes events and need to modify the label.

So going with the former technique


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Rails : Customize Rails Admin engine

I wondered what these terms like collection and member mean.

member :activate do
  only ['Contractor']
  i18n_key :activate

collection :painter_photos do
  i18n_key :painter_photos

member: These are actions applicable to individual records in the model. This will show up in every row like.

collection: applicable to the model as a whole

How to add custom action in particular row?

member :activate do
  only ['Contractor']
  i18n_key :activate

for this you would need to put

# in views/rails_admin/main/activate.haml
- if @object.is_a?(Contractor)
  - if
    %p Already Activated
  - else
    %p You are about to activate a contractor.
        = @object.full_name
    = link_to "Activate Contractor", main_app.admin_activate_contractor_path(@object), confirm: "Are you sure?", class: "btn"
- else
  %p Sorry, only contractors can be activated.


# in rails_admin.en.yml
  title: "Activate"
  menu: "Activate"
  breadcrumb: "Activate"


Custom Label

field :painters, :boolean do
  label do
    "Send to all contractors"

  render do
    content =  bindings[:form].check_box :painters
    bindings[:view].render inline: content

Customize the Edit / New Form

You can customize the button names in the form but in a tricky way. For example lets try to change the button names like Save to Send and so.

copy the file…/_submit_buttons.html.haml this page in your repo at “views/rails_admin/main/_submit_button.html.haml”

and put conditional like

- if params['model_name']  == 'broadcast' && params['action'] == 'new'
  %button.btn.btn-primary{type: "submit", name: "_save", :'data-disable-with' => t("")}
    = t('')
- else
  %button.btn.btn-primary{type: "submit", name: "_save", :'data-disable-with' => t("")}
    = t("")

and add some i18n keys in rails_admin.en.yml like

    loading: "Loading..."
      name: "Home"
      previous: "&laquo; Prev"
      next: "Next &raquo;"
      truncate: "…"
        save: 'Send Message'
        save_and_add_another: 'Send and prepare for next'
        save_and_edit: 'Send and Edit'

DataTables : Customizing navigation button

var $workflowTable = $('.workflow-table');
      'iDisplayLength': 10,
      'fnDrawCallback': function (oSettings) {
        if (oSettings._iDisplayLength > oSettings.fnRecordsDisplay()) {
        var curPage = Math.ceil(oSettings._iDisplayStart / oSettings._iDisplayLength) + 1;
        var lastPage = Math.ceil( oSettings.fnRecordsDisplay() / oSettings._iDisplayLength );

        if (curPage === 1){
        if(curPage === lastPage){