Ruby: Multiline strings – Heredoc or quotes

There are various ways to define multi-line string in Ruby. The most important thing is, the DoubleQuoted construct supports the Interpolation.

a_multiline_string = %Q{ 
  The city is #{city}. 
  The temp is #{5.0/9.0 * (temp_f - 32)} C 
# Output
" \n  The city is Butwal. \n  The temp is 40.55555555555556 C \n"


 > name = "Shiva"
 => "Shiva" 
 > city = "Butwal"
 => "Butwal" 
 > multiline_string = <<-EOS
"> This is the first line
"> My name is #{name}.
"> My city is #{city} city.
"> EOS
 => "This is the first line\nMy name is Shiva.\nMy city is Butwal city.\n" 


 > multiline_string = <<EOS
"> First line
"> second line
"> third line
"> EOS
 => "First line\nsecond line\nthird line\n" 

the EOS in above example is just a convention, you can use any string you like and its case insensitive. Normally the EOS means End Of String

Moreover, even the - (dash) is not needed. However, allows you to indent the “end of here doc” delimiter. See the following example to understand the sentences.

 > <<EOF
"> My first line without dash
">         EOF
"> EOF
 => "My first line without dash\n        EOF\n" 

 > <<-EOF
"> My first line with dash. This even supports spaces before the ending delimiter.
">    EOF
 => "My first line without dash\n"  


 > multiline_string = %{
"> this is second line
"> this is third line
"> this is fourth line
"> }
 => "\nthis is second line\nthis is third line\nthis is fourth line\n"

Other alternatives

Also using array you can write multiline strings

 > lines = [
 >    'first line',
 >    'second line'
?>    ].join("\n")
 => "first line\nsecond line" 
 > puts lines
first line
second line


Special one is

   Specifying a timestamp name for #cache_key has been deprecated in favor of
   the explicit #cache_version method that can be overwritten.

squish will break the tradition and will let you close the parenthesis in the same line, while your string can span to multiple lines.

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