Introduction to Jyaakathon

Its basically a term formed by merging two terms ‘Jyaasa’ and ‘Hackathon’ : smart time tracking software for freelancers

Emitii is an online time tracking and analysis tool

  • Set your projects, tasks & start tracking your time
  • Start analysing your teams working hours from today
  • It is simple and only take’s few minute’s to learn

Tracking time

Tracking time is easy on Emitii. It lets you and your team control logs effortlessly. You can always adjust the time later!


Notes for all record

Keep records for all of your team tasks. Edit or Delete records on the go. Generate and export those records easily!


Visual display

Emitii visualize statistical graphs and pie-chart of your time and tasks. And lets you to boost your organization resources and better


Jyaasa : A Ruby On Rails web development lab