Ruby On Rails : Tools, Tips & Tricks to be more efficient developer

As a developer there are some techniques to be more efficient at work.

Guake terminal :

We can use OS’s terminal but it would be more efficient if we use Guake terminal. Normal configuration of Guake terminal doesnot load itself at startup. Tips reagarding Guake  terminal

> Put guake terminal at start up list in Ubuntu

– Open ‘Startup Applications’ > Click ‘Add’ > Write { Name: ‘Guake terminal’, command: ‘guake -n /path/of/your/interest/’} > click ‘Add’ > You are done!

if you want a new tab to execute a command you wish and even change the label then

guake -n ~/projects/ATS/ -r "SideKiq" -e "bundle exec sidekiq -q default -q mailer"

for more details see the following link

Change Shortcut keys

By default, the shortcut key to toggle the terminal is ‘F12’. However, we can change the shortcut key. F12 key resides on right hand side of the keyboard. If you use mouse then, you might feel uneasy to move the hand just to press F12 key. You can change the shortcut key to ‘Fn’ + Q. It depends on your preference.

Open new tab in current directory

There is a check-box option called ‘Open new tab in current directory’ in the ‘Preference’ dialog box. It means if you have changed you directory to ‘~/Download/my_app/’ and open a new tab then you can see the same path in the prompt.