Formal|Semi-Formal|Informal Letter writing tips

Well, if you are a professional no matter where; you surely need to write letter/emails often. Letters can be of various types: formal, semi-formal and informal. Though you might have written all types in same format; had been accepted, there might come a situation when you will be rejected. So, I have noted down some templates of letter:


These are letters written to  Airlines, Bank, Insurance company, etc; or, somebody you don’t know.

  • If you know the gender of recipient then write
    – Dear Sir [for male]
    – Dear Madam [for female]
  • If the gender is unknown, simply write
    – Dear Sir/Madam
  • Do not use contractions like didn’t, won’t, etc
  • No idioms and abbreviations like TV, BTW, OMG, etc
  • Use formal words like furthermore, moreover, however, instead of words like: also, but, etc.
  • Use Latin based or uncommon words

Dear/Respected Sir/Madam,

[I am writing in connection with your advertisement for a hotel manager.]

[I am writing to inquire about the upcoming musical event.]

[I am interested in migrating to the US and would like to know the deadline for application.]

– The first paragraph introduces the subject, sets the scene and provides the basic
– The second paragraph describes the [bag/object/theme] that is talked about in the first paragraph.
– The third paragraph explains what the writer wants to happen.
– Finally there is an appropriate ending. This logical progression of ideas in the structure of the three paragraphs gives the letter good cohesion and coherence.

Thanking you in advance for your help, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

John Doe


These are letters written to  somebody you know but not too close like: your landlord, boss, etc.

  • Always use the last name; no first name, it is considered to be rude.
  • Dear Mr. Smith [for male]
  • Dear Miss Stones [ For unmarried girl]
  • Dear Mrs. Stones [For married woman]
  • For female, if marital status is unknown
    • Dear Ms. Johns [for female]

If the gender is unknown but you know the name and could not precisely guess gender, simply write “Dear Sir/Madam“, but I don’t think this situation is viable.

Dear Ms. Johns,

[Last week on Saturday night some friends and I had dinner in your restaurant to celebrate my friend Peter’s 25th marriage anniversary. I am writing to thank you for the great evening that we had.] – example of Semi-Formal start



Yours sincerely

John Doe


—————————-Example ———————

Dear ________________,

I am writing this letter to officially inform you that I will not be present in office for _______ days. My _______ is not well and I need to be with ___________ to take care and provide timely medications. Doctor has detected ____________ and advised _______ to have complete bed rest. I am enclosing letter from the doctor for your reference.

I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leaves from ___________ to _________.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely’


These are letters written to  somebody you know and is close like: your brother, friend, etc.

  • Always use the first name.

Dear John,




Best wishes [ or regards]

John Doe

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