How to write case study for software you just developed?


Case Study Definition

Case Study Definition

Image result for case studiesWe would like to write the process we followed and phases we moved through while developing software. This is important to let others, especially your potential customer to understand your capability to deliver a quality product on time.



Basic template of case-study would be like

# Introduction to your client. Who they are, what they do

# What problem do they want you to solve?

# What processes did you choose to follow? Write in details
    # Had it been released on estimated release date?
    # What were reason behind delay?

# Developer's experience

# Attach screenshots and photographs of your Workboard with Sticky-Notes 
  if any

# An introductory short video of the Software Product

# Write about the end-user feedback if any

# Your Customer/Client's testimonial



Case Studies





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