jQuery Validation : Special Features Document

Order of the rules definition matters

# in CoffeeScript
  required: true
  equalTo: $('#user_password')
  minlength: 8
  maxlength: 16

and this behave different

# in CoffeeScript
  required: true
  minlength: 8
  maxlength: 16
  equalTo: $('#user_password')

the former one validates the password length at last, whereas later one validates integrity.

Highlight / Unhighlight

Can highlight fields and unhighlight when field is valid.

# in CoffeeScript
highlight: (element) ->
  $(element).closest('.form-group').addClass 'has-signup-error'
unhighlight: (element) ->
  $(element).closest('.form-group').removeClass 'has-signup-error'


# in CoffeeScript
# Trigger validation when focus is lost from the field
$(".new_user input, .new_user select").focusout (element) ->
  $el = $(this)
  if !$el.is('select') and element.value == '' and element.defaultValue == ''
    # for untouched text fields, don't validate on blur


you can also customize the regex to validate email fields

$.validator.methods.email = function( value, element ) {
  return this.optional( element ) || /[a-z]+@[a-z]+\.[a-z]+/.test( value );

See https://jqueryvalidation.org/jQuery.validator.methods/


Validation of hidden fields

This feature will be useful specially for checkbox. You usually decorate your checkboxes and radios using CSS and hide the original input field. By default jQuery Validation skips validation of hidden items.

You can use the :not() selector combined with :hidden to activate validation for specific hidden items:

ignore: ":hidden:not(.my_item)"


  ignore: ":hidden:not(#vehicle_owner_agreed_to_terms_and_condition)",
  rules: {
    "vehicle_owner[first_name]": {
      required: true
    "vehicle_owner[agreed_to_terms_and_condition]": {
      required: true,

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