Rails : Spree : Zipcode, phonenumber required false

If you need the shipping address to be set any how, and want to skip the validations as set  in the spree’s address model, you can do it easily

module Spree
  class Address < Spree::Base
    require 'twitter_cldr'

    belongs_to :country, class_name: "Spree::Country"
    belongs_to :state, class_name: "Spree::State"

    has_many :shipments, inverse_of: :address

    validates :firstname, :lastname, :address1, :city, :country, presence: true
    validates :zipcode, presence: true, if: :require_zipcode?
    validates :phone, presence: true, if: :require_phone?

    validate :state_validate, :postal_code_validate


# models/spree/address_decorator.rb
Spree::Address.class_eval do
  def require_phone?

  def require_zipcode?


And you are done

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