Pie Charts in Rails Admin

 With Rails Admin

If you are using RailsAdmin for managing you web-application from backend, you get reports for your data out of the box. In addition you can edit/update in no time with ease. You will not have charts and graph at that instant though.

How can I get Charts?

Yes there are some Rails-Admin plugins to help you out. My favorite is RailsAdmin Charts.

With Rails Admin Charts

The default chart is Line Chart. For Pie charts the data format. Since this gem uses ‘Lazy High charts‘ for chart generation, we can find chart specific data arrangement technique  from there.

For pie data format should be like

class Contractor < ActiveRecord::Base
  include RailsAdminCharts
  def self.graph_data(since = 30.days.ago)
    # Output
    # [["Bagmati", 3], ["Gandaki", 3], ["Janakpur", 5]]

  def self.chart_type

In this example I wanted to show all the contractors count by States.

Charts By States : Nepal

Charts By States : Nepal


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