Ruby on Rails : Forman : Passing Environment variables and secrets

With foreman you can use .env files to declare the environment variables for your app (and it’s dependencies) and maintain them isolated from the rest of your environment. So, if you’re using theaws-sdk gem, your .env file would look like:


And foreman automatically loads the .env file that is at the same directory as your Procfile.

This way you can make all environment specific configuration for your app to live at this .env file and let every developer set their own specific configurations here. All variables declared here will be available for all processes started by foreman as environment variables.

So you dont need to manually set like

workers: bundle exec sidekiq -c 10

For different envisonments you can have different .env files like dev.env, prod.env and load like

$ foreman start -e dev.env

I want foreman to prompt me to enter them at runtime. How can I enter the variables at run time?

create a ruby file called secrets.rb and

# in Procfile
web: ruby 'secrets.rb'

# in secrets.rb
require 'io/console'
$stdout.sync = true # this will make ruby disable buffering the input; throws input direct to stdout
puts 'hello; please type password'
password = STDIN.noecho(&:gets).chomp

ENV['password'] = password
puts "Password has been set as #{'*' * password.length}; check ENV "

This will ask/prompt you to enter password and your secrets wont echo and will be kept secrect. thanks to STDIN.noecho

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