Rails : Deface : Debugging techniques

If you are not sure the path for the partial/template is correct then you can verify using this technique

$ rake deface:get_result['spree/shared/_link_to_account']
=> ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template

$ rake deface:get_result['spree/shared/_login_bar']
# ---------------- Before ----------------
# <% if spree_current_user %>
#   <li><%= link_to Spree.t(:my_account), spree.account_path %></li>
#   <li><%= link_to Spree.t(:logout), spree.logout_path %></li>
# <% else %>

You can even verify the selectors, like

$ rake deface:test_selector['spree/shared/_login_bar , li']
# Querying 'spree/shared/_login_bar' for 'li'
# ---------------- Match 1 ----------------
# <li>
# <%= link_to 'Dashboard', '/admin' if spree_current_user.is_admin? %> </li>
# ---------------- Match 2 ----------------

Moreover, if the error persists even after the selector has been verified, then you have to make sure the text you are going to replace with does not contain any syntax/runtime error.

When do we need to  restart the server?

No need to restart the server every time you make changes in overrides.

Yes, You should if you have set config.deface.enabled = false; normally we set this in production.rb and in that case you should precompile the overrides. See this for more info


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