Rails : Capybara::Webkit::ClickFailed, because of overlapping element

 Failed to click element /html/body/div[@id='wrapper']/div[@id='page-content-wrapper']/div/div/div/form[@id='signup']/div[@id='user_section']/div[7]/div[3]/div/button[@id='review_button'] because of overlapping element /html/body/div[8] at position 209, 718; 
 A screenshot of the page at the time of the failure has been written to /tmp/click_failed_S10458.png


The actual problem was; there was a link_tag (<a>) inside the <label> tag. So when I asked the capybara to click on the <label> it clicked on the  “Terms and Conditions” area and a popup appeared.




To Solve this, I kept the link separate from the Label


Some useful links



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