Rails : Capybara Webkit : Issue : Multiple JS events in single example

I recently moved from Selenium Web Driver to Thoughtbot’s Capybara Webkit as JS Driver for Capybara. The main reason is, webkit is super fast in running the test suite and its headless (no browser pops up ) .

Problem I faced

I was changing the option in select box and expecting the change in span’s content. Actually some sort of calculation should have been triggered. Webkit was not triggering the ‘change‘ event properly.

One of the Solutions

You need to manually trigger the ‘change’ event like



it "Should show the total price of 1 normal and 2 additional \
    monthly pact as $#{monthly_cost + additional_monthly_cost*2}" do
  visit '/signup'

  # Additional purchase
  select 'Monthly', from: 'subscription_type'
  fill_in 'additional_child', with: '2'
  expect(page).to have_css('#grand_total',
                           text: "#{monthly_cost + additional_monthly_cost*2}")


def trigger_onchange_event(page)

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