Capybara : RSpec : filling and assertion tips

To use helper method you need to visit some web page like

visit '/signup'

For Text fields

fill 'user[email]', with: ''
fill_in 'user[name]', with: 'John Smith'
fill_in 'user[email]', with: ''

For Select box

select 'Annually', from: 'subscription_type'
# The `Annually` is the text not the value attribute
# 'subscription_type' is name attribute
select 'Monthly', from: 'subscription_type'

Interacting with forms

Full reference: Capybara::Node::Actions

There are a number of tools for interacting with form elements:

fill_in('First Name', :with => 'John')
fill_in('Password', :with => 'Seekrit')
fill_in('Description', :with => 'Really Long Text...')
choose('A Radio Button')
check('A Checkbox')
uncheck('A Checkbox')
attach_file('Image', '/path/to/image.jpg')
select('Option', :from => 'Select Box')


Useful links

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