AWeber::RateLimitError: Too many API requests per minute.

This error is raised when the number of API requests made by your application exceeds the rate limits as specified in the API Terms of Service.

Troubleshooting Checklist

  • Reduce the frequency that you make API requests.
  • Utilize a local cache in your application to prevent making unnecessary API requests.


# 1. Access
– 1.1 Use of the AWeber API is subject to limitations on access and volume of requests over a period of time. The current rate limit is 60 requests per minute per authenticated AWeber customer account.

* Example: if your application has 2 different AWeber customer accounts using it, then your app would be able to make 60 requests per minute for each separate customer account.

* Example: if a customer has their account connected to two different API applications those apps would need to share the 60 requests per minute limitation.



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