Rails : Sidekiq 4.0 : no :symbol keys supported when hash is passed as argument


NotificationAsync.perform_later({data:{pact_id: 1}, context: OrdersSignup::Notification::WelcomeChild.to_s})

I was sending Hash as a parameter/argument to my worker but it was now able to access the keys/values using :symbol as a key name

So Explicitly use ActiveSupport’s `.with_indifferent_access`

def perform(params)
  params = params.with_indifferent_access
  if params[:data][:pact_id]
    params[:data][:pact] = Pact.find(params[:data][:pact_id])
  elsif params[:data][:user_id]
    params[:data][:user] = User.find(params[:data][:user_id])



# Class Name in 'Context' Need to constantize
# Reason: Sidekiq can handle Class as an argument
#   but ActiveJob cannot
params[:context] = params[:context].constantize


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