Stripe : Subscription Event lifecycle

Subscription events

Stripe has an associated event for everything that happens with a subscription. (There’s actually dozens of events that occur when using Stripe, not all of which are specific to subscriptions.)

For our example of a new customer with a valid payment method and no trial period, here’s the lifecycle in events:

  1. customer.created
  2. customer.subscription.created
  3. invoice.created
  4. charge.succeeded (immediate attempt for the first invoice)
  5. invoice.payment_succeeded
  6. invoice.created (after the subscription period is up)
  7. charge.succeeded (approximately one hour later)
  8. invoice.payment_succeeded
  9. Go back to Step 6.

When certain events occur, you should listen for the associated webhooks and take corresponding steps on your website (e.g., extending the length of time that a customer can use your site, or terminating access when a subscription is canceled).



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