AWeber::ForbiddenRequestError: Method requires extended permissions.

You encounter with this error message and no idea what this is about??

You are at the right place.

What is this?

This error message occurs when you try to access some data from Aweber via API but dont have permission specific to get more details about some stuff.

I got to know about this error when I tried to access name, email, etc of some subscriber. Though I had access to all of my lists.


How to get out of this?


Click the Settings Icon in you dashboard


Tick the checkboxes for permissions

Then you need to regenerate the `authorize_url`

 => #<AWeber::OAuth:0x0000000a8eaf58 @consumer_token="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", @consumer_secret="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"> 
2.2.1 :004 > oauth.request_token.authorize_url
 => ""

Then goto the URL and you will find like this


give creds and `Allow Access` the app

You will get like this



# Verification code is the code you get from the last image
puts 'Access token: ' + oauth.access_token.token
puts 'Access token secret: ' + oauth.access_token.secret

This will print you out the access_token and access_token_secret. Modify/Update the tokens you had previously. Then everything will start working

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