SendGrid Checklist when emails are not delivered

Sometimes you might be wondering why your emails are not delivered and even in the SendGrid Dashboard you see no increment in `requests` count. I have mentioned a few reason why your SMTP API call responds `success` but no email delivers.

  • May be your account is still not provisioned
  • May be the template you are trying to use is not in active state or you might have two versions of a template and you recently delete the active one and did not changed the state of other.Screenshot from 2015-12-01 10:54:43
  • Or you might be trying to add the template using following way
    • mail = do |m|
       m.template ='MY_TEMPLATE_ID') = ''
       m.from = '' src="cid:beach"></div>'
    • Instead you should have done
      • template ='MY_TEMPLATE_ID')
        mail.template = template
  • Or your account might be blacklisted by SendGrid / Email Service providers

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