Ruby : What happens to dependencies when method is extracted out as Proc

It is clear that whenever you try to save any method bound to any object; it is extracted out as an instance to Method class. People may be in misconception that methods are extracted out as instance of Proc.

What about the dependencies viz. instance variables and Other object instance?

Since, no new object is created; the same Method object defined within the object is referenced, so no dependency issue shall occur.  See the code below to understand what  I was trying to say.

> class Test
>   def print
>     puts "the word is #{@word}"
>   end
>   def set_word=(word)
>     @word = word
>   end
> end

015 > newTest =
=> #<Test:0x000000028c7740>  
    016 > newTest.set_word = "elephant"
=> "elephant"
017 > method = newTest.method(:print)
=> #<Method: Test#print>  
    018 >
the word is elephant
=> nil
019 > method.class
=> Method
021 > method.class.ancestors
=> [Method, Object, Kernel, BasicObject]

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