Engineyard Deployment: How to detect in deploy hooks that its the first attempt to execute ‘rake db:seed’

Well from help command of Engineyard ruby gem

ey help deploy

we can see that we can send data as key:value pair like

ey deploy -e my_app_staging --config=key:value

now in any deploy hook, if for seeding deploy/after_migrate.rb hook would be the best

# in deploy/after_migrate.rb
on_app_servers do
  # Sometimes the order seems off so try
  $stderr.puts "-" * 80
  $stderr.puts "Checking for option passed from EY client"
  if config[:initial] == 'true'
    $stderr.puts "Seeding the data"
    run "cd #{config.release_path}"
    run "bundle exec rake db:seed"
    $stderr.puts "Skipping the Seeding process"
  $stderr.puts "-" * 80

Now if you execute the following command

ey deploy -e my_app_staging --config=initial:true

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