Engineyard: CLI ( Command Line) deploy to already set EY server

Prior to deployment, you must make sure that your team member or your self have done all the settings as like in my post . You need to share your public key with engineyard cloud as you do in sites like github

Steps to share public keys

ssh_public_keys ssh_public_keys_2


Just copy and paste the public key you have generated in your system in the ‘Public Key’ field

Install engineyard like any other ruby gem:

$ gem install engineyard

Now you can use deploy command

# You must be inside your local repo
#   i.e. 
#   $ cd /path/to/your/repo/
#   Your local repo and EY Cloud must have common remote repo

$ ey deploy -e=your_app_environment
# Example
#   $ ey deploy -e=your_app_staging

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