Ruby On Rails : Views : Fact : ‘Counter’ in Rails partials

To use a custom local variable name within the partial, specify the :as option in the call to the partial:

<%= render partial: "product", collection: @products, as: :item %>

With this change, you can access an instance of the @products collection as the item local variable within the partial.

You can also pass in arbitrary local variables to any partial you are rendering with the locals: {}option:

<%= render partial: "product", collection: @products,
           as: :item, locals: {title: "Products Page"} %>

In this case, the partial will have access to a local variable title with the value “Products Page”.

Rails also makes a counter variable available within a partial called by the collection, named after the member of the collection followed by _counter. For example, if you’re rendering @products, within the partial you can refer to product_counter to tell you how many times the partial has been rendered. This does not work in conjunction with the as: :value option.


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