Ruby On Rails : GemFile : Bundler : Couldn’t find file ‘jquery.ui.all’

I have faced the same problem..

What happened to my project is, my gemfile.lock got updated and it was set to use the latest version of all the gems.. In case of jquery-ui-rails 4.2.1 we have been using 4.2.1 and by mistake gemfile.lock got updated and used the 5.0.2. In jquery-ui-rails 5.0.2 the file jquery.ui.all.js is no more available. So I was facing the error couldn't find file 'jquery.ui.all'

So to avoid such errors I prefer to use the tilde sign for version number in gemfile
gem 'jquery-ui-rails', '~> 4.2.1'  makes the bundler to update the gem until version reaches to 4.2.9 and wont update if version reaches to 4.3.0
– You know that if drastic changes occur in the gem then version number must reach 4.3.0
– Update the gem if you know what changes have been made exactly and you are ready to upgrade.


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