jQuery: .delegate() vs .live() vs .on() vs .bind() vs .click/.mouseover/.mouseenter

The event binding functions like .click, .mouseover eventually trigger .bind() method and .bind eventually trigger .on() method, so .on() is most fastest however .on() doesnot work for dynamically added elements. SO for dynamically added elements use .live() or .delegate()

However, .live() searches the element within whole document and .delegate() searches the element within the area you specify so, .delegate() is the most efficient method to bind an event.

Slowest ----> Faster
.click() --> .bind() --> .on()

.live() --> .delegate()
element.on('click', function () { ... });
element.bind('click', function () { ... });
element.click(function () { ... });
element.on('selector', 'click', function () { ... });
element.delegate('click', 'selector', function () { ... });
$('selector').live('click', function () { ... });

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