jQuery : jQGrig : Make jQGrid responsive

There might be other better ways to make jQGrid responsive. This is an explicit way to do that.

 * Binding function resizeGrid to resize and load event of window
 * @author Shiva Bhusal

jQuery(window).bind('resize', function () {
  resizeGrid('#bids-table', '#bids');
jQuery(window).bind('load', function () {
  resizeGrid('#bids-table', '#bids');

 * This function resizes the width of jQGrid, makes jqgrid responsive
 * @param responsiveParentId Id of parent that is responsive, by default it will take body
 * @param idOfTable Id of the table that needs to be responsive
 * @author Shiva Bhusal

function resizeGrid(idOfTable, responsiveParentId) {
   // pageWidth imports its width from responsiveParentId, Default parent is BODY
   responsiveParentId = responsiveParentId || 'body';
   var pageWidth = $(responsiveParentId).width();


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